A holiday for the kids with disabilities “Hermitage saves the national heritage”

The date of holding: December 6, 2018

The place of holding: halls of the School Center of the State Hermitage

The description of the event: a holiday for the kids with disabilities from special-needs schools № 34, 370, 522 and a boarding school № 33 for hearing-impaired kids who systematically attend the museum following the special programme “Our Hermitage”

This year the holiday in the School Centre was dedicated to the Year of Preserving the National Heritage. Children were lectured about the State Hermitage. During the special workshops kids learned about the history of the Winter Palace construction and creation of the museum collections, about the holidays of the Renaissance and about the costumes created in the Italian fashion of the XIV-XV centuries.

There was a great excitement about the contest during which kids were listening to some poems about the Hermitage exhibits and were trying to guess which particular piece of art is described.

The holiday ended with a dance class which was dedicated to the history of the Hermitage theatre.

The programme was created for the International Day of the Disabled and held by the Scientific and Methodological Department “School Centre” in cooperation with the Hermitage volunteers.