The Volunteer Service of the State Hermitage Museum is seeking volunteers prepared to actively engage in the life of Russia’s most important museum.

We are in particular need of specialists in the following areas who can creatively bring our ideas to life:

  • Programming, website development and administration, computer graphics, computer animation, development of computer games and mobile apps, multimedia projects, virtual reality, 3D technology etc;
  • Polygraphic design (PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign), event planning and design;
  • Videoing, photography and filmmaking;
  • Production and performance of plays and dance numbers;
  • Leading masterclasses, lectures, interactive games and board games;
  • Leading programmes;
  • Assembly and dismantling of scenery.

The Volunteer Service of the State Hermitage Museum is involved in all the significant events which take place in the museum: exhibitions and biennials of modern art, computer graphics and animation competitions, the yearly «Night at the Museum», «Hermitage Cat Day», «Classics Days», «Hermitage Days», and various conferences. Our volunteers’ projects have been presented at international exhibitions and festivals, such as «Intermuseum» and «Discover your Europe at the Hermitage».

Our volunteers have the unique opportunity to bring their own ideas to life — at first coming up with ideas for the museum’s development, and then working with the museum’s services to bring these ideas to life. You have the opportunity to find out how the museum is run, to access areas which are off-limit to visitors, to meet important and unique specialists, and to become part of the history of the Hermitage.

The Volunteer Service’s address: Palace Square, 2
In the main courtyard of the Winter Palace, to the right of the entrance to the museum.
Telephone: +7 (812) 7109875, +7 (812) 7109876,
Email: volunteer@hermitage.ru