Project 1717 Framework

Forthcoming projects that the Volunteer Service plans for 2017 primarily fall under the remit of our large educational program entitled «1717», dedicated to the events that took place three hundred years ago.

This includes the construction of the first stone building on the future site of the Winter Palace – the Apraksin palace, and significant events at the beginning of the XVIII century in the history of St. Petersburg and Europe; as well as celebrating in 2017 the tercentenary of the sojourn of Peter I to Europe in 1717, a cultural phenomenon during the regency of Philippe d’Orleans in France, and the French cultural influence (though not exclusively), along with numerous projects of reform and regeneration from the beginning of the XVIII century in Russia.

During this period, and as a result of impressions imposed during the trip, Peter I launched ambitious plans for the transformation of Russia: St. Petersburg is built, new institutions and manufacturing are constructed using the latest engineering technology, new life principles were laid down, and new aesthetic ideals were approved.

For the implementation of reform plans in life, numerous foreign experts were invited, and with their help scientific and industrial centers were constructed, towns and factories were built, canals and drawbridges, pipelines and aqueducts, the Vodovzvodnaya tower and fountain system, divided gardens and parks, and the first steam engine, bought from England, were installed. In the context of the new demands of the times, and to address urgent tasks set by Peter I, never before seen innovative methods were employed along with the latest tools coupled with revolutionary decisions.

Project THEMES:

  • «Peter I abroad»;
  • «Secrets of French diplomacy»;
  • «Aliens in the Russian Service»;
  • «Court life, Peter’s Assembly and the first books of etiquette»;
  • «The regency of Philippe d’Orleans and the emergence of a new style»;
  • «Peter I’s Coronation Carriage»;
  • «Comedy dell’arte, a theater of Molière and Marivaux»;
  • «The wardrobe of Peter I and French fashion»;
  • «Handel’s Water Music», and others.

Project themes can be used for the following activities:

  • research;
  • assignments for competitions, including the competition of computer graphics and animation;
  • master-classes;
  • gaming tasks;
  • educational quests and game trails;
  • lectures;
  • performances and presentations;
  • special volunteer programs dedicated to preserving cultural heritage;
  • conferences;
  • information materials and special publications;
  • creating costumes and puppets;
  • music and theatre performances;
  • animated films and documentaries.

These are designed to be implemented in such activities and events, such as:

  • events within the framework of the contest «Tour de France.1717»:
    • announcement of the competition (Feb 19) and,
    • awards ceremony (May 14);

And also:

  • the Birthday of the Volunteer Service (February 17);
  • the International Guides’ Day (February 21);
  • the April Fool’s Day (April 1);
  • the International Day for Monuments and Sites (April 18);
  • the International Museum Day (May 18);
  • the action «Night of Museums» (May 20);
  • the international exhibition «Intermuseum» (May 25-29);
  • the 25th anniversary of the opening of the first exhibition in the Winter Palace of Peter I (June 9);
  • the «VKontakte VKFest» festival (15-16 July);
  • the «Open your Europe in the Hermitage» festival (September 23);
  • the «Children’s Days» festival (October 30 – November 7);
  • the International Volunteer’s Day (December 5).