MUSEUM NIGHT – Elementary Iphigenia

Event Date: 18th May 2019

Event Description: Volunteers have a truly astounding programme in store for the 2019 Night at the Hermitage, inspired by both the 150-year anniversary of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table and the National Year of Theatre.

Hermitage volunteers will be running workshops, competitions, theatrical productions, board games and team games for the Night at the Hermitage, all related to our chosen theme, ‘Elementary Iphigenia’.

Iphigenia, a famous princess of Mycenae from the Trojan War period, features in a wide array of artistic and theatrical works. Euripides’ tragedy ‘Iphigenia in Tauris’ was one of the most beloved plays in Ancient Greek theatre, particularly in the lands of Tauris, current-day Crimea.

By the eighteenth century, Iphigenia had already appeared in hundreds of paintings and other artistic works. You can find several such works in the Hermitage Museum.

Discover the different elements that make up Iphigenia’s story and explore their secret links with Mendeleev at our State Hermitage ‘science fair’, behind the Old Stock Exchange Building on Vasilyevsky Island, from 18.30-23.00. Together we’ll uncover princess Iphigenia’s great secret!

Event Programme:

  • ‘Be Mendeleev – Create Iphigenia’s Table of Elements’ board game
  • Mug painting workshop – decorate porcelain cups and saucers with chemical elements and pictures
  • ‘Ancient Flexagon’ workshop – cut out and fold 3D ‘flexagon’ models with ancient images and motifs from the Hermitage collection
  • ‘Build your own Ancient Theatre’ workshop – cut out and fold 3D models of ancient theatres