The Volunteer Service of the State Hermitage Museum invites creative people who are willing to be actively involved in the life of the main museum of Russia.

The Hermitage Volunteer Service takes part in such events as biennale and other international contemporary art exhibitions, computer graphics, and animation competitions, as well as The Long Night Of Museums, Hermitage Cat Day, Days of Classical Antiquity in the Hermitage festival and various conferences. Besides, our projects are always presented at international exhibitions and festivals, for example, Intermuseum, Open Your Europe at the Hermitage.

Volunteers of the State Hermitage Museum have an exceptional opportunity to implement their ideas, ranging from proposing ideas for the development of the museum to achieving them together with the museum services. You will be able to find out how the museum lives, to go there, where ordinary visitors are not allowed, to get acquainted with unique specialists and to become the creator of the history of the Hermitage.