Dear Friends!
Our work on the projects continues and, using the established communication format, we are contacting you, our dear volunteers!
– Many events and anniversaries lie ahead. We had planned to saturate you with interactive events with an essential educational component. In this new format, all our ideas require rethinking and the search for new solutions.
– In April, a significant day awaits us: Cultural Heritage Day on April 18th, and the preparation of the Competition for the 300th anniversary of Baron Munchausen, whose jubilee will be celebrated on May 11th 2020, and International Museum Day on May 18th (and Museum Night on May 16th) is just around the corner.

We appeal to you to actively join the work in anticipation of these important dates and look forward to your proposals for conducting and searching for new formats in our discussions and groups on projects and events.
Please find attached a schedule of events, and we remind you of the common theme of all our projects for 2020.
We look forward to your suggestions by mail or in messenger!