22.10.2017: The announcement of the children’s computer graphics and animation competition «The Hermitage in a watershed era»

22.10.2017, Saint-Petersburg: in the State Hermitage, within the framework of events dedicated to the centennial of the Russian revolution, an announcement was made about a new children’s competition of computer graphics and animation, «The Hermitage in a watershed era», which children of all ages will be able to take part in. The event was established and organised by the voluntary sector with the collaboration of the scientific and methodological department «The school center».

For over ten years, the voluntary sector along with the school center has been organizing and conducting computer graphics and animation competitions for school pupils. In 2017 the topics of the competition are related to two important milestones in the history of Russia — the great European journey of Peter 1st and the revolutionary events of 1917.

The 2017 autumn competition is dedicated to the centennial of the Russian revolution and aims to draw the school pupils’ attention to the dramatic events of 1917, which revolved around the Winter Palace.

During the special event which aimed to announce the competition «The Hermitage in a watershed era», children and IT teachers saw the halls in which the events of 1917 unfolded. In the school center a lecture took place, which informed the visitors about the history of the Winter Palace in 1917. Then, the tasks were presented to the children in detail and informational materials were offered to them, including information about the Hermitage exhibitions «The Winter Palace and Hermitage. 1917. History was made here», «The evacuation of the palace and museum valuables in autumn 1917» and other events to do with the project «The Storming of the Winter Palace».