16-17 July. VK fest – 2016

VK Fest is the festival of Russia and Eurasia’s largest social network. The festival will feature music, innovation, sport, and culture, and the Hermitage will be present to promote the Hermitage high tech Storage Center in Staraya Derevnya. The Volunteer Service is working to provide interactive activities, such as treasure hunts and mini excavations, demonstrate restorations, a fashion show of historical costumes, an ancient Greek master class, and photo-shoots.

The State Hermitage Museum took part in the VKfest for the second year in a row, and it was a great success!

We were glad to take this chance to present hands on activities and connect to our Saint Petersburgians on a more intimate level.

Our aim was to promote the Staraya Derevnya high tech Storage and Restoration Center which is one of the most innovative in depositories being both an interactive space complete with guided tours as well as an institution that works hard to preserve and restore with the most innovative technologies available.

We had many activities to create a more hands on experience in things like transferring images of petroglyphs, as well a lecture and demonstration on the first photography techniques, a lecture on the most grand Masquerade Ball of 1903 complete with coloring pages and cut out dolls, and a lecture on the state of the art technology used in the Storage Center in Staraya Derevnya.

Both the Saturday and Sunday that this festival took place we had a lot of activities to partake in. Both days featured photo shoots with mid 19th to early 20th century dress, especially made for this occasion. A Magical Test created to uncover the ideal movie to watch immediately, in the same day which earned you a certificate and invitation in one to the upcoming “Discover Your Europe in the Hermitage” Festival the 24th of September, in honor of The Year of Film 2016. The open storage system of this Depository is proud to announce the opening of their archeological collection of antique statuary. In honor of that, an ancient Greek master class took place with the presence of ancient Greek goddesses and gods to help teach the Sirtaki to anyone who wanted to learn.

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