“The Birth of the Hermitage”

Winners of the computer design and animation contest

“The Birth of the Hermitage”

Winners in the “Video and animation” nomination

1st place. Nastya Chernokalova, 5th grade. “The River of Time – the History of the Hermitage”

2nd place. Daria Zueva, 14 years old. “The Exhibits’ Journey”

3rd place. Pavel Martynov. “Catherine’s Social Life”

Winners in the “Graphics” nomination

Pavel Kudrevatyh, 13 years old. “The Hermitage”

Vlada Bargiy, 8th grade. “Catherine the Great’s Social Life”

Erica Ponomareva, 14 years old. “Voltaire”

Winners in the “Multimedia presentation” nomination

Vladimir Aristov, 8th grade “D.A. Gallitzin”

Yakov Matyushin. “History of the Buildings and Architecture of the Hermitage”

Ksenia Kondraschyuk. “The Hermitage’s Buildings”

“Unique design” Award

Andrey Magazenkov, 13 years old. “The Hermitage”

“Respect towards every living thing” Award

Timur Chenkaev, 13 years old. “Hermitage Cats”

People’s Choice Award

Andrey Kins, 11 years old. “History of the Buldings and Architecture of the Hermitage”