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Volunteers, 2003 year

Volunteers should know how to do everything!

In the Hermitage courtyard. Beside the poster "Caution! Cats!"

Discussing projects

The Volunteer Service was created in May 2003 to support the State Hermitage departments during the 300th anniversary of St Petersburg. The Director of the Volunteer Service is Mikhail Kozhukhovsky, junior researcher at the State Hermitage.

Since its foundation, the Volunteer Service has become essential to the smooth running of the museum. The Service regularly cooperates with various departments including the International Archaeology and Antiquities departments.

Our volunteers come from various countries including The United States, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, China, Pakistan, Peru, The United Arab Emirates and of course Russia. Covering a broad age-range, our volunteers include but are not limited to students, linguists, art historians and journalists. Each volunteer’s unique skills and background contributes to the service in their own way, helping it to develop and implement a broad variety of projects. Thanks to former volunteers remaining in touch with the museum, the Service has established a wide international network.

Our team consists mainly of young people, who are able to gain an amazing insight into the life of one of the world's leading museums as well as professional experience.

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