«¡BUENOS DIAS, ARGENTINA!» Celebration At The «STARAYA DEREVNYA» Restoration And Storage Centre Of The State Hermitage Museum

19 March 2016, «Staraya Derevnya» Restoration and Storage Centre

On the 19th March 2016, the State Hermitage concludes the «Year of Argentinian Culture in Russia» with an evening of celebration at the «Staraya Derevnya» Restoration and Storage Centre. During 2015, Hermitage volunteers prepared and hosted an extensive cultural programme celebrating Argentina, including a musical presentation of «Tango – the Soul of Argentina» as part of the Night of Museums festival. Visitors were able to attend special concerts and lectures on Argentinian music and participate in numerous competitions as well as dance masterclasses on the tango and the «Hermitage milonga».

The evening’s celebration will open with greetings from Yulia Kantor, the head of the Historical-informational service of the State Hermitage, and from Argentinian Ambassador Pablo Anselmo Tettamanti.

The most important part of the event is the awards ceremony for the «¡Buenos Dias, Argentina!» digital art and animation competition. Children in grades 1-11 created designs based on various themes introducing them to Argentinian history, nature, and culture: «My virtual travels or the seven wonders of Argentina», «Adventures in Patagonia or the amazing animals and plants of Argentina», «Small discoveries that changed the whole world», «Famous Argentinians: Secrets of Success». There were three evaluation-nomination categories: computer drawings and design, multimedia presentations, and computer animation and video. In all, around 70 schoolchildren participated in the competition.

A wide variety of activities and competitions are also on the evening’s programme, including face painting and masterclasses on Argentinian cuisine and the traditional dance «chacarera», as well as the tango.

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